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Good Mind game for Your Brain

Mobile game applications have become a new trend for all people recently. What is most popular about mobile games is that the platform provides all genres of games that include shooter games, ROGs, PUzzles, arcade games, etc.

In the large pile of only-entertainment-purpose games on the internet, brain training games have become the most popular choice of the game on the planet. These games are popular as they are not only popular but also helps you learn and develop your brain skills. Several aspects like memory, cognitive abilities, attention division, word memory are part of the development process when these games become a part of the routine.

Here are some of the most popular Mind Games that are good for your brain development:

Mind Games - Brain Training Games

Although the title needs more creation, it is one of the most incredible games in the app stores for Android and iOS. The app has a few free games and many more when you pay. There is a massive library of brain training games that will help you nurture your attention skills, memory, word retention, and a lot more.

Word Search Puzzle

It is one of the most known facts that puzzles help the development of intellect and cognitive skills. Word Search Puzzle is an excellent game that helps the user improve their vocabulary and their cognitive abilities like word comprehension, word recognition, and sensory abilities. The game has a very graphical interface making it visually interesting and entertaining. The game is available on iOS and android platforms.


With a quirky design and slick approach, Peak is one of the most attractive games in the iOS and Android app store. The games in the application are designed by neuroscientists and developers to bring the world of gaming and the brain into one platform. The game helps keep track of the progress and provides valuable insight to help the user improve their performance.